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Quelle est la taille idéale d'un sac à langer ?

What is the ideal size for a diaper bag?

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A diaper bag is the essential item for taking your baby out. It has everything you need to take your child for short walks, long trips and even to take baby for a day at the babysitter. There are a wide variety of diaper bags on the market to meet your needs.

In this article, we give you the essential characteristics to take into account, to find the best diaper bag for your baby!

Generally, the size of a diaper bag ranges from 30 to 50 cm high and 30 to 35 cm wide. It has several pockets and compartments of different sizes, which makes it easy to carry baby items such as bottles, cottons, liniment, diapers, and a change of clothes in case of little ones. incident.

Some changing bag models have a small foldable changing mat and even waterproof pockets to isolate used diapers and soiled clothes from the rest of baby's things.

Thus, the changing bag is available in different sizes: large, medium and even smaller models, ideal for afternoon outings with your child (for example for a stroll in a stroller).

Large bags are very practical because they can carry a lot of things, while small bags are suitable for short trips because their capacity only allows you to carry the bare necessities (diapers, wipes and bottles). That said, the storage principle remains the same whatever size of the diaper bag.

The small diaper bag

The advantage of the small diaper bag is its maneuverability. Indeed, small diaper bags are more practical to carry, lighter and above all, they allow you to carry the basic necessities for a baby change. Depending on the situation, and especially when walking with baby, there is no need to carry a full bag unnecessary business. In concrete terms, it is a perfect diaper bag for everyday use.

This type of diaper bag is specially designed for short trips like visiting friends or running errands with baby. Indeed, his capacity only allows him to carry what is strictly necessary. This compact mini diaper bag has only 2 to 4 pockets to contain only the basic necessities for short outings with your baby. new born. Its dimensions are on average 20 cm long, 10 cm wide and 20 cm high. The small diaper bag is a chic and elegant piece of equipment, and has become a real fashion accessory for mums.

Charly diaper bag from the brand Charly and Charlotte is a perfect little bag for mothers who want to combine practicality and elegance. Its compact size allows you to store all your baby's essentials.

The Charly diaper bag has 9 compartments . Inside, three pockets and two compartments can accommodate your child's diapers, clothes, toys and other belongings. Outside, 4 storage spaces, including a large flat pocket designed to slip a changing mat.

A USB port in a side pocket lets you plug in a bottle warmer or your phone wherever you go.

The Charly diaper bag has two handles and an adjustable shoulder strap, which can be adjusted as a shoulder bag or as a backpack.

This diaper bag is available in a variety of colors to perfectly complement your everyday outfits.

For convenience, we recommend the Sweetie model. The Sweetie bag has 7 storage spaces, but above all an insulated compartment that keeps three bottles at temperature for up to three hours. The other advantage is the folding changing mat at the back of the bag. So you can change baby properly wherever you go.

The medium-sized diaper bag

These bags are not too different from the large models: they are just a few centimeters shorter than their larger XXL brothers, less bulky and just as practical. This medium-sized bag is also multifunctional and can be used for traveling with your baby, as well as for longer or shorter walks. The average model usually has 7 to 13 compartments.

It can be made of nylon, waterproof fabrics or even ecological fabrics. It can also be embroidered or quilted. Sleek, functional, and handy, it's available in blue, black, pink, gray, yellow, and more; the colors are as adaptable to your clothes as to your stroller.

For example, the online store offers a range of inexpensive and very functional medium-sized diaper bags. In particular the Régate bag available in a variety of colors (Navy Blue, Taupe, Grey, Burgundy and Pink). Also, its shopper shape is very popular in leather goods. Indeed, this diaper bag really looks like a handbag!

The Régate diaper bag has 11 compartments designed to make everyday life easier for young parents. Inside, several pockets and two large compartments can accommodate your child's nappies, potties, clothes and bodysuits. Outside 5 zipped storage.

The Régate diaper bag has two shoulder handles. You can benefit from the hands-free function thanks to the adjustable shoulder strap supplied with the bag. Designed to be easy to carry, the Régate bag is lightweight, with a total net weight of 500 grams.

The Marelle backpack changing bag is practical, very light and ultra easy to carry. Inside the bag, four elasticated pockets and two zipped pockets. Outside, on the front, an insulated pocket keeps two bottles warm for up to three hours. On the sides of the bag, two elasticated bottle holders. On the back, a zippered pocket.

The large capacity diaper bag

The large changing bag is very practical, its capacity is a real advantage compared to more compact models. All of baby's and mum's essentials fit amply into the compartments. It generally falls into the category of multi-purpose bags, as it generally has an insulated pocket for small jars or bottles, a waterproof bag and numerous interior and exterior pockets for optimal organization.

Its size varies from 30 to 50 cm long, 30 to 45 cm wide and about 15 to 25 cm thick. This large format generally has a small removable changing mat to facilitate changing babies. It usually has around ten pockets and compartments, with the widest and largest pockets typically being used to store baby clothes, nappies and toys, while the smaller pockets would more likely hold smaller baby items. . Its large capacity allows you to travel with your children in complete peace of mind.

Thanks to this diaper bag, you can carry everything your child needs and leave the house with peace of mind. Indeed, it will offer you plenty of space and plenty of storage to keep everything within easy reach.

The Théa model from the Charly et Charlotte brand is one of the largest diaper bags of its kind. Measuring 33 cm long, 43 cm wide and 22 cm thick, this model is perfect for long outings or for going on a trip with several children. It is a model of large format changing bag that meets all your expectations, even the most voluminous.

There are a variety of diaper bags available on the internet. If you are looking for a reasonably priced diaper bag with a chic and elegant design, then the Gribouille large capacity diaper bag is for you! Despite its capacity of 27 x 48 x 18 cm, this product is one of the cheapest in its category.

A real guarantee of large capacity , the Gribouille bag can hold your belongings of several pieces of cabbage. Six large storage spaces can accommodate nappies, clothes, lotions and jars. Outside 2 pockets, one of which can house the baby's tracking book.

Equipped with an anti-dirt and humidity canvas, the Gribouille bag is resistant to water and dirt, which makes it particularly easy to maintain . Enough to keep baby's things clean and dry.

The family size diaper bag

The choice of diaper bag is essential. It must be comfortable to wear, and able to carry baby's essentials, namely nappies, wipes, spare clothes, bottles, bibs, creams, nappies, not to mention your child's essential security blanket. .

It can also hold mum's or dad's personal items, like your phone or your keys (some models have a pocket for your smartphone, and a hook for your keys). No matter which model and size you choose, it must first be able to carry what you and your children need. If you regularly take your toddler out in a stroller, check that your diaper bag has a hooking system, in order to attach it to the handlebars of the stroller, and make the most of the stroll. Whether it's a small, medium, large or extra-large size bag, choose the one that best suits your lifestyle and the duration of your outings with your baby (travel, visit, walk, run or others).

This article is now over. We hope that it will have been useful to you for the choice of your diaper bag. Do not hesitate to let us know in comments.

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