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Quel tissu choisir pour son sac à langer ?

Which fabric to choose for your diaper bag?

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The diaper bag is unquestionably the number one accessory for future mothers. Thanks to it, you can take essential baby things with you when you leave the house, such as bottles, nappies, cotton pads and bodysuits.

Today there are a multitude of diaper bags, with shoulder straps , handles, backpacks, small or large capacity , in leather or fabric.

So among all these bags that will become mum's new handbag for the next three years, we can ask ourselves which fabric is good to choose for her diaper bag ?


The outer fabrics of the bag

In order to withstand the various impacts that a bag will undergo, the outer fabric must be very resistant and waterproof . You can choose between twill, tarpaulin or upholstery.

Bachette canvas is a thick fabric often used for decoration. It is very suitable as a fabric for diaper bags.

There are also fabrics in leather or imitation leather. It is also better for absorbing all kinds of shocks, but above all stains much less quickly, and is resistant to water and impurities. Something to keep baby's things safe . Ethically, we recommend that you go for vegan leather , which is wildlife-friendly.

You can also choose two different types of fabrics if you want to make your diaper bag trendy . For example, patch or zipped pockets, not requiring the same solidity as the body of the bag, can be made of quilted cotton gauze , or Polyester.

Which fabric to choose for your diaper bag?

These are common fabrics offering a wide variety of patterns and designs, such as Liberty , Vichy, polka dots or stripes. For more sober people, we will find navy blue , taupe, heather gray, or black.

Of course, mothers of newborns do not think first of the aesthetics of the bag, but it is always good to complete the bag with creativity and quality .

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The interior fabrics of the bag

When it comes to fabric linings , you have a variety of options, but a simple cotton lining will do. It's not the most important thing anyway, since the lining is mainly there to protect the inside of your bag.

But if you have the choice, we recommend that you opt for fabrics that are difficult to stain or that have water- repellent properties, in order to facilitate maintenance .

However, some people choose the same type of fabric for the outside and inside of the bag, so that it is more robust and resistant to dirt and moisture. This choice makes the bag particularly easy to maintain .


Obviously, the materials you can put in your bag are not just made up of fabrics. Today, we find a good number of diaper bags with 100% waterproof plastic compartments, or even insulated ones.

This makes it possible to isolate damp or soiled items, and to keep baby's food at temperature (bottles, small jars). In addition, these innovations make the daily life of young parents easier, and it is good to take them into account when choosing your materials.

The fabrics for the handles

Diaper bag handles come in many forms. They can be of the same quality as the outer fabric or made of rope or fabric webbing.

If the handles are the same fabric as the outside of your bag , you need to reinforce them so they can support the weight of your belongings. The best choice for strong and sturdy handles are straps .

That said, if you want to highlight the aesthetics of the diaper bag, drawstrings made from cotton canvas can give your bag a better design. Also, they are more resistant compared to all fabric handles. The only downside to this type of handle is that it is difficult to clean compared to straps or fabric handles.

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We hope that this article Which fabric to choose for your diaper bag?, has you more. Do not hesitate to let us know in the comments.

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