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Que mettre dans sa valise de maternité ?

What to put in your maternity suitcase?

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D-Day is approaching, your child will soon be born, and in this great moment of happiness, you start to wonder what things are essential to take to the maternity ward? Don't panic, we've compiled a list of essential things you shouldn't forget, and we'll explain how to properly pack a maternity suitcase.

Your maternity suitcase will be divided into four groups of accessories. You will need to plan for:

- Labor and delivery

- Daddy's stuff

- After birth

- Baby stuff

Mom's Business: Labor and Birth

- Identity card, health book, proof of insurance. Medical records will allow caregivers to quickly review your medical history and see if any special precautions need to be taken. ID and proof of insurance are usually required when you arrive at the hospital, so keep it with you.

- Birth plan. If you have one, you may have discussed it with your caregiver. However, keep a few copies with you so everyone is aware and can answer any last minute questions.

- Socks. You may feel cold during labor and delivery, so you'll appreciate having warm feet.

- Slippers or flip flops. The hospital will probably provide some, but if in doubt, bring some.

- Essential oils or massage oils. Some pregnant women find that massage helps them relax during labor. If so, add some massage oil to your maternity bag or suitcase.

Glove and fogger. If you feel hot during labor, spray water on your face or use a washcloth to apply cold water to your forehead.

- What to take care of. You might be surprised how many hours it can take before the serious stuff begins. To avoid boredom, bring a book, magazine, tablet or computer with a series or movie.

- Cushion/ Pillow. There will of course be some in the hospital, but they may not be suitable for you. You will stay several days in the maternity ward, so take your favorite pillow if you have one.

- Mask and ear plugs. Wear a mask over your eyes and earplugs if you wish to rest. Hospitals, especially the maternity ward, can be noisy and brightly lit, and it can be difficult to nap or fall asleep in these conditions.


Daddy's stuff

If the dad accompanies you, it is a good idea to bring a bag with a few things to prepare for his stay at the maternity ward.

- Camera, camcorder and batteries. The birth of your child will be one of the happiest days of your life. So to capture the moment bring a camera, or a camcorder. Just make sure there is enough free space on the memory card.

- Telephone, smartphone, computer and chargers. Like the future mother, plan something to keep you busy (books, series, films, magazines), especially if you are staying throughout your stay. Also plan a phone / smartphone to stay in touch with your loved ones, and tell them the good news.

- Snacks and drinks. Even for the mom-to-be's partner, the work can be exhausting. Hospitals or maternity wards may have vending machines, but when in doubt, prepare snacks, water and change for the vending machine.

- Clothes. The duration of labor varies greatly from one mother-to-be to another, so bring some clothes in case your stay lasts a little longer than expected.

- A toilet bag, You will surely want a shower once the delivery is over. Most hospitals will allow you to do this, but check with them beforehand. If approved, bring toiletries

- Glasses or contact lenses. If you have vision problems, don't forget to bring your glasses or contact lenses with its case and cleaning solution.

- Cushion. A small travel pillow stored in a maternity suitcase will come in handy if you plan to close your eyes for a few minutes.

After childbirth

- Highly absorbent sanitary napkins. The hospital will most likely provide you with what you need, but bring a little more if needed. Heavy bleeding right after giving birth is completely normal and you may need to change your pads every one to two hours. However, this will stop in the next few days.

- Underwear. Bring some comfortable underwear large enough to avoid getting in the way of the thicker than usual pads.

- Bra. Add a comfortable and suitable nursing bra to your maternity bag.

- Pajamas or nightwear. If you want to make sure you sleep comfortably after birth, bring your favorite pajamas or sleepwear. If you plan to breastfeed, choose clothes that open easily in the front.

- Toiletry bag. Remember to bring tissues, a brush or comb, deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, hair dryer, hairpins or rubber bands. In short, everything you need for your daily toilet. A plastic bag is also recommended for dirty laundry.

- Cosmetics. If you wear makeup every day, consider bringing your makeup. Your skin may feel drier than usual, so pack a moisturizer as well.

- Glasses and contact lenses. Do not forget to take the necessary if you have vision problems. It may seem obvious, but these are the kinds of things so obvious that you forget about them. If you wear contact lenses, remember to bring a lens case, some lens solution and possibly spare lenses.

- Clothes. In addition to pajamas, we advise you to bring comfortable clothes, such as loose clothing, elastic pants, and very soft sweaters.

- Mobile phone and charger. You can take advantage of your days in the maternity ward to enjoy moments with your child and "disconnect". Conversely, if you are going to call your relatives or friends to tell them the good news or if you want to take a picture of your baby, do not forget your phone and its charger.

- Books or information on motherhood. You may have received a guide or taken notes during a job readiness class, or a friend may have recommended a specific book about your newborn. The nursing staff will obviously be able to provide you with a lot of personalized information, but perhaps having as much information as possible will reassure you.

- Snacks and drinks. For some women, labor can be long, and bringing a drink and a snack may be helpful. However, check with your healthcare professional if you can eat and drink during labour. Anyway, after the birth of your baby, you may have a craving for chocolate or cookies.

baby stuff

- Bodysuits. Take several, they can quickly get dirty and therefore need to be changed. Note that for bodysuits, the most practical are those that open at the front.

- Socks and slippers. Newborn babies are prone to colds and colds. So bring slippers and socks, or even a birth cap that your child can wear even if you practice skin to skin.

- Very soft blanket. The hospital will provide you with everything you need, but you may prefer to use your own small blanket for skin-to-skin contact or to wrap the baby on the way home.

- Outfit for the day of departure. Don't forget to bring seasonal clothes. You will certainly spend time outside with your children, if only to go to the car. So if it's a little cold, put on gloves and a warm jacket for your newborn.

-Car seat. The car seat obviously won't fit in a maternity suitcase, but ideally you should put it in your car when packing your maternity suitcase so you're ready for the big day.

You are now ready for the big day. We advise you to print this list so that you don't forget anything.

We hope this article What to put in your maternity suitcase? you were pleased. Do not hesitate to let us know in comments.

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