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Pourquoi opter pour un sac à langer à dos ?

Why opt for a backpack changing bag?

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The diaper bag is unquestionably the number one accessory for future mothers. Thanks to it, you can take essential baby things with you when you leave the house, such as bottles, nappies, cotton pads and bodysuits.

Today there are a multitude of diaper bags, with shoulder straps , handles, backpacks, small or large capacity , in leather or fabric. As you will have understood, many types of diaper bags exist, to best meet your convictions and your lifestyle.

So among all these bags that will become mom's new handbag for the next three years, one wonders which one is good to choose ?


Let's start with the most purchased diaper bag in France: the shoulder bag.

Equipped with several pockets and a large compartment, this diaper bag has a large storage capacity. However, once you put all your baby's things in it, the bag becomes heavy and bulky and can cause you back pain. To remedy this problem encountered by young parents on a daily basis, a new type of diaper bag has emerged: The backpack diaper bag .

We present to you in a few points the advantages of the backpack changing bag

Comfortable and easy to carry

A bag carried over one shoulder or with the hands can be cumbersome and painful. Your hands are taken and this affects your free gestures and movements. However, a diaper backpack allows you to have your hands free , and to be able to carry baby, pick up a fallen toy, answer the phone. You feel lighter and more able to take care of your little one. This is the ideal diaper bag for active and sporty mums. Knowing that you also have to carry the cozy , and your handbag.

Thanks to its two padded shoulder handles, the weight is ergonomically distributed on the body, which reduces pain on the neck and shoulders.

Why opt for a backpack changing bag?

Multiple storage

A true guarantee of large capacity, the backpack has several pockets , either in the interior compartment or on the outside of the bag. You will always find a place to store your child's essential accessories. Such as nappies, bibs, the pacifier or the wrap.

Inside the bag, a spacious and functional main compartment , equipped with multiple elasticated or zipped pockets . You will be able to store a large number of items of different sizes: baby bottles , diapers, jars, toiletry bag, toys , medicines and more. A wide opening makes it easy to fill and clean the bag. Finally, a sturdy zipper allows you to secure your contents.

On the outside of the bag, quick access and handy pockets adapt to different accessory formats . Such as the bottle holder, the smart wipes pouch, the bottle holder or even mom's smartphone pocket. These storage spaces are very important, they allow the bag to be well organized and prove to be a real time saver when changing babies. They make it easy to carry mom's bottles, snacks, sippy cups and water bottles. A waterproof and insulated compartment keeps three bottles at temperature for up to three hours.

Some bags are equipped with a USB port , on which you can connect a nomadic bottle warmer or your phone, a real companion for your bottles. Don't choose a diaper bag that doesn't have at least one outer compartment, or you might regret it.

Why opt for a backpack changing bag?

Easy to maintain

A diaper bag made of a waterproof outer coating is a huge advantage for its maintenance. Waterproof backpacks are made of Polyester, Nylon, or Oxford Cloth, which is dirt , moisture, abrasion, oil, and tear resistant.

These changing bags will be able to cope with everyday aggressions, such as spilled snacks, baby spit-up or soiled diapers. So you can use it every day without worrying about damaging it. Finally, let's not forget the sturdy seams and zippers , which are also a guarantee of durability and a testament to the seriousness of the way they are made.

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Handy and light

The weight of the bag is an important factor to consider. Backpacks generally weigh less than 1 kg when empty. This makes them lighter and less painful to carry, even if you put all your accessories in them.


A worked design

Backpack diaper bags are available in a variety of designs , materials, and colors . Let's not forget that it will be mom's new handbag for the next three years. You can find diaper bags in beige , navy blue, black, pink or with liberty print . Some are modern and elegant, others are more playful with pretty patterns. Finally, some models look a lot like classic backpacks. Choose the one that best suits you and best matches your personality. If you want to combine business with pleasure, design is the key to your choice.

Unisex diaper bags in sober colors and clean shapes are designed to convince dad to wear them.

Why opt for a backpack changing bag?

Accessories included

The vast majority of brands offer additional accessories included in your diaper backpack.

For example, some backpack models have a built-in stroller attachment system, while others come with special hooks . This makes it easier for you to access the things inside the bag when you are walking around, and not to bear the weight load of the bag.

Another essential accessory during your outings: the changing mat . This accessory is not always included in the diaper bag. Some models are sold with, others must be purchased separately. It's up to you to determine the need for a changing mat based on your habits and the use you will make of it.
Finally you can find other accessories such as:

  • A wipe dispenser
  • An insulated bottle holder
  • A pouch for the pacifier
  • Waterproof bags to isolate used nappies

So choose your bag and its accessories according to your needs.

As you will have understood, the diaper backpack is an essential childcare item. A very useful piece of equipment , which we advise you to include on a birth list.

Backpack diaper bags

This article Why opt for a backpack diaper bag?, is now finished. We hope it has you more. Do not hesitate to let us know in the comments.

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