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Pourquoi acheter un sac à langer ?

Why buy a diaper bag?

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When you leave home with your baby, be sure to take everything he needs with you. For this, you will need a bag of the right size to store all the essentials. Today, we take a look together at why diaper bags are more practical than regular bags.

Better organization

First of all, a classic bag consists of a maximum of 2 pockets. If it's the right size, you can store a lot of things in it. But you certainly run the risk of mixing things up.

Truly a guarantee of large capacity, the diaper bag has several pockets , either in the interior compartment or on the outside of the bag. You will always find a place to store your child's essential accessories. Such as nappies, bibs, the pacifier or the wrap.

Inside the bag, a spacious and functional main compartment , equipped with multiple elasticated or zipped pockets . You will be able to store a large number of items of different sizes: baby bottles , diapers, jars, toiletry bag, toys , medicines and more. A wide opening makes it easy to fill and clean the bag. Finally, a sturdy zipper allows you to secure your contents.

On the outside of the bag, quick access and handy pockets adapt to different accessory formats . Such as the bottle holder, the smart wipes pouch, the bottle holder or even mom's smartphone pocket.

These storage spaces are very important, they allow the bag to be well organized and prove to be a real time saver when changing babies. They make it easy to carry mom's bottles, snacks, sippy cups and water bottles.

Thus each pocket becomes a storage group: one for nappies, one for medicines, another for toiletries (organic cottons, compresses, liniment, saline and ointments).

There are also changing bags with waterproof pockets, allowing you to isolate used nappies and soiled clothes from the rest of your belongings. Or to house the pacifier and bottles.

Each pocket will then correspond to a group of accessories. All you have to do is draw the pocket you are looking for. No more things wandering around in the bag, and the long minutes desperately looking for the baby's pacifier. After using the diaper bag, you won't be able to do without it.

Also, most changing bags have a very interesting system: an insulating compartment. This keeps bottles and jars at the right temperature.

Even better, most diaper bags are waterproof. Therefore, items stored indoors are less likely to be weathered by rain.

A worked design

Originally, the diaper bag was just a large bag in which you could put all your baby's things. For young mothers, it was an accessory that took away all the glamour. Thus the bag was found regularly on the shoulder of the father.

Today, diaper bags come in a variety of designs , materials, and colors . Let's not forget that it will be mom's new handbag for the next three years. You can find diaper bags in beige , navy blue, black, pink or with liberty print .

For fashionable mums , there are sober and trendy diaper bags : Navy blue, mottled grey, beige, printed or striped, there is something for everyone. Thus, once your children have grown up, the diaper bag can be converted into a weekend bag.

Additional accessories

The vast majority of brands offer additional accessories included in your diaper backpack.

For example, some models of diaper bags have a built-in stroller attachment system, while others come with special hooks . This makes it easier for you to access the things inside the bag when you are walking around, and not to bear the weight load of the bag.

Another essential accessory during your outings: the changing mat . This accessory is not always included in the diaper bag. Some models are sold with, others must be purchased separately. It's up to you to determine the need for a changing mat based on your habits and the use you will make of it.
Finally you can find other accessories such as:

  • A wipe dispenser
  • An insulated bottle holder
  • A pouch for the pacifier
  • Waterproof bags to isolate used nappies

So choose your bag and its accessories according to your needs.

A reasonable price

Finding a good quality diaper bag is not complicated. You can find them online, especially at the specialist

Generally, you can find models with prices ranging from 20 euros to 200 euros. If 20 euros is an affordable price, 200 euros seems too excessive for a diaper bag.

Still, it's a decent price if you compare it to bags from major leather goods brands.
We then find ourselves faced with a product that combines the useful with the pleasant, which makes it possible to rationalize the price.

You will understand, the diaper bag is an essential childcare item. A very useful piece of equipment , which we advise you to include on a birth list.

This item Why buy a diaper bag? is finished. We hope you liked it. Do not hesitate to let us know in comments.

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