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Les avantages du sac à langer lit

The advantages of the bed changing bag

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Changing bags are bags specially designed to carry baby's essentials during trips or family outings. Its main advantage: it can be transformed into a bed at any time, providing great comfort for your child.

This diaper bag is very useful and will make your travels easier day and night. Thanks to its 2 in 1 function, it will save you from carrying more and more luggage!

The advantages of the bed changing bag

Our selection of diaper bags

There are, depending on the price range, different types of diaper bags, however they are never very expensive. Most bed changing bags have built-in mattresses for immediate use. If you're just going out to sightsee or visit family, choose a more compact bag to avoid clutter.

Many interior and exterior compartments are designed to facilitate the storage of baby's things. For example, you can put diapers in a waterproof pocket, bottles or your child's food in an insulated compartment.

Other diaper bags even come with a small changing mat that allows your baby to lay down neatly during the diaper change.

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Diaper bags convertible into beds:

The diaper bag reads Silent Night:

Compact and handy, the Douce Nuit diaper bag turns into a cozy nest for your baby in 20 seconds.

Inside the bag, a large pocket, a zipped pocket and four elasticated compartments can accommodate diapers, clothes, jars, creams and other essentials for your child.

Outside, on the front, an insulated pocket keeps two bottles warm for up to three hours . You will also find two small spoon pockets, and a zipped pocket.

On the sides, a bottle holder and an easy-to-access smart wipes pocket .

On the back, the fold -out nomadic bed and a large zipped pocket, ideal for slipping the changing mat.


The changing bag reads Cloudy

The Cloudy backpack changing bag has a fold-out bed and 12 compartments designed to make everyday life easier for young parents.

Inside the bag, four large elasticated pockets perfect for storing diapers and clothes. And two zip pockets.

On the outside, on the front, three isothermal compartments designed to keep baby bottles or small jars at temperature for up to three hours.

On the sides, an elasticated bottle holder and a quick-access smart wipes pocket .

On the back, the portable fold-out bed with zipper . As well as a flat pocket.

The bag is available in three colours, grey, sage green and black.

Cloudy bed changing bag gray

Diaper bag bed A la Belle Étoile

No more bulky travel cot in the trunk of your car during your weekends. Just take your changing bag to À la Belle Étoile.

The bag has inside, three large pockets and two elasticated pockets.

Outside, on the front, a pocket for three insulated bottles.

On the sides, an elasticated bottle holder and a smart wipes pocket .

On the back, a fold-out nomadic bed , as well as two zippered pockets.

Plug your bottle warmer into the USB port wherever you go.


Diaper bag Dreamy bed

The Dreamy diaper backpack has two reinforced adjustable shoulder straps, making it particularly comfortable to carry.

Inside the bag, you will find three large pockets perfect for storing cottons, lotions, medicines.

Outside, on the front, a pocket for three insulated bottles .

On the sides, an elasticated bottle holder and a smart wipes pocket .

On the back, a portable fold -out bed with zipper.

The bag is available in four colors, gray, black, navy blue and lilac.


What can you put in a changing bag bed?

Taking baby out of the house requires a minimum of preparation. Many things are essential for his comfort, and yours. So what to pack? Here is our list of essentials for going on a walk with baby .

If you are parents who regularly visit family or friends, consider bringing a changing bag that can be converted into a bed, so you don't have to bother with a changing bag and a travel cot. The bed changing bag will be your ally both when traveling with your family and on vacation.

The first thing to pack is all the toiletries.

There are nappies, organic cottons with liniment , or wipes, to wash baby during the change. Ointment to relieve any irritation. A diaper or a changing mat , to change baby properly. A change of clothes , essential especially in case of overflowing.

The advantages of the bed changing bag

Your child must not miss any meal, so we think of bringing a bottle containing the quantity of water necessary for the realization of the drink. Powdered milk pre-proportioned in measuring boxes. A nomadic bottle warmer that you can plug directly into your smartphone. Or a yogurt drink, compote or fruit for toddlers.

To entertain and occupy your baby, it is essential to think about taking some toys . Choose from his favorite, less bulky toys, such as a rattle. Don't forget your little one's important companion: Doudou , at the risk of regretting it. It reassures and soothes baby during outings.

For winter walks we provide: Hat, scarf, very soft blanket , and a pushchair rain cover.

In summer, to protect from the sun: sunscreen, a cap, sunglasses, a parasol for the stroller, a mist to cool baby.

The advantages of the bed changing bag

The changing bag once transformed into a bed

Your baby needs more sleep than you: Before 12 months, your baby sleeps most of the time. No matter where you are or what you are doing, you must provide him with a bed day and night. Then a diaper bag that turns into a bed is perfect for you, especially if you're going on a family outing or traveling.

Compact and handy, the changing bag transforms into a cozy nest for your baby in 20 seconds. Easy to unfold and fold, it will follow you throughout the day. The perfect storage bag for your baby!

Thanks to this type of diaper bag, your baby can rest at any time, so you don't have to look for a place to sleep during the trip.

At what age can a baby sleep in a changing bag bed?

Your baby can sleep in the changing bag bed from birth up to a certain weight. He will be able to sleep safely in the extra bed, thanks to the rising part of the latter, which can also be adjusted according to his height.

What moms think about bag changing in bed

The opinions of mums who have used this bag are excellent , especially for "nomadic" mums and dads who do not want to carry all their equipment on their trips. Some parents say they can't do without a changing bag with a built-in bed since they've used it. For heavier models, remember to equip yourself with a stroller hook.

If you travel a lot with your newborn, or if you don't want to take several heavy bags with you, the changing bag bed will suffice. Its pockets are large enough to hold the essentials of baby's things, and is much less bulky than an ordinary bag. You can take it everywhere with you, to parties, on walks, and especially during your vacation.

bed changing bags

The bed bag no longer holds any secrets for you. We hope that this article The advantages of the changing bag bed has you more. Do not hesitate to let us know in the comments.

How to sew a diaper bag?

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