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Les 10 meilleurs sacs à langer

The 10 best diaper bags

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Every parent knows that getting a baby out is no small feat. You must bring diapers, wipes, bottles and a change of clothes. This wouldn't be possible without a large capacity bag. However, it is not enough to lug around a big, ugly and heavy XXL bag. Now you'll find the most stylish diaper bag on the market to suit your style.

This accessory is available in a variety of styles: backpack, shoulder bag or tote bag in a variety of formats, sizes and designs. It is essential for your walks with baby, so it is important to choose it carefully.

The diaper bag: an essential piece of equipment

Diaper bag or baby bag, this childcare equipment is very useful on a daily basis, from a visit to the pediatrician to a walk in the park. Generally, it allows you to carry everything necessary for your baby during the day. Here are the essentials to put in your diaper bag:

For change

- Of course, layers : It takes approximately one lying down every two hours, plus one, in the event of any accidents.

- Of the cottons organic with liniment , or wipes to wash baby during the change

- Of the ointment to relieve any irritation

- Physiological serum . A veritable essential in the toilet bag, it is used to clean baby's eyes and nose in the event of a mild cold, since at this age, newborns do not know how to blow their nose.

- A spare clothing , essential in particular in the event of overflowing. It is better to plan too much than not enough

- A diaper or changing mat , to change baby properly, and thus protect him from external dirt .

- waterproof bags may contain the used diapers and potential stained clothes

- The tracking book, to transcribe in detail your newborn's diet , his moments of sleep, his moments of awakening. But also his mood, his stools and pee.

Finally, wipes and hydroalcoholic gel to clean / disinfect your hands.

baby meals

All outings from the house involve bringing the baby meals , two solutions are then available to you depending on the feeding mode adopted:

If you are breastfeeding: All you need is one bib and possibly a diaper to cover you.

Otherwise, plan:

A bottle containing the quantity of water necessary to make the drink.

- From powdered milk proportioned beforehand in dosing boxes, in order to avoid you having to take the box of milk, which is very cumbersome in the changing bag

- A compote , a dairy product (yogurt drink) or a fruit for toddlers

Finally, a bib and a small diaper to wipe your child's face.


To entertain and occupy your baby, it is essential to take some toys . Choose from his favorite, less bulky toys. We share with you below a list of possible toys to take away:

- An activity caterpillar to hang on the handlebar of the stroller

- A multi-activity rattle

- Awakening wrists

- A sensory awakening book

- A teething ring

Don't forget your little one's important companion: Doudou , at the risk of regretting it. It reassures and soothes baby during the walk. If your newborn is particularly fond of a pacifier , plan to take it in your bag as well.

Depending on the season

In summer, we will favor:

- Of the Solar cream

- A cap

- Sun glasses

- A umbrella for stroller

- A mist to refresh baby

In winter, we expect instead:

- Beanie

- Gloves

- Scarf

- Plaid Soft

- A stroller rain cover

Care kit

Remember to take some medicines , creams, dressings, compresses and disinfectants in case of a fall or ailments.

As well as his health record , which, in an emergency, will prove essential.

Yes, there are a lot of things to put in a diaper bag, and the famous "you never know" sometimes pushes you to take useless things, which would clutter your walk. So before packing your bag, be sure to think about what you actually need.

The different types of bag

The multitude of diaper bag offers may make you hesitate.
To help you make the right choice, you can refer to the different types of existing diaper bags. After that, you must consider certain criteria such as maneuverability, weight, comfort, practicality and design of the bag.

- Backpack diaper bags

Backpack models allow you to keep your hands free when walking in the park or on vacation. So you can carry baby, pick up a fallen toy, answer the phone. You feel lighter and more able to take care of your little one. This is the ideal diaper bag for active and sporty mums. Very practical, the backpack changing bag has plenty of storage. It is ideal for everyday wear or for the weekend. Especially since there are mixed models, which are suitable for both dad and mom.

- Changing bags with shoulder straps

Unisex, modern and practical, the crossbody diaper bag is the most common style of bag and the most loved by parents. It can be carried on the shoulder or hung on a stroller using adjustable clips. Diaper bags with shoulder straps generally have a large storage capacity. This allows childcare equipment to fit amply into the bag, such as the baby fly, the sling, the bottle warmer. Multiple interior and exterior compartments are designed for optimal organization of all baby items.

- Diaper bags with handles

You do not want to clutter yourself with several bags? The changing bag with handles is made for you! Designed to look like a handbag, the changing bag with handles is available in a variety of materials, colors and patterns, this model with chic and clean lines has a rather urban look that will delight stylish mums! Dads can rest assured they can also choose their own styles of diaper bags from the sporty collection.

- Bed changing bags

Changing bags are bags specially designed to carry baby's essentials during trips or family outings. Its main advantage: it can be transformed into a bed at any time, providing great comfort for your child.
This diaper bag is very useful and will make your travels easier day and night. Thanks to its 2-in-1 function, it will save you having to carry the travel cot!

- Diaper bags for twins

If you have twins , know that there are special large changing bags for twins, very practical and above all useful for all your trips with two children . This XL or even XXL diaper bag is sized so that you can take everything you need on a walk, or on a trip with your toddlers.
 Some twin diaper bags have pushchair attachments, such as the large Little Prince diaper bag from The bag comes with two stroller harnesses , in order to avoid the bulk imposed by the size of the bag.

How to choose your diaper bag?


Choose a bag that's big enough and has enough pockets to hold all the baby essentials you need on the go. To know :

- Toiletries: nappies, wipes, cottons, nappies

- A plastic bag for used diapers and soiled clothes;

- Meals: baby bottles, jars, bibs

- Spare clothes

- His cuddly toy and pacifier

- Some of his favorite toys to distract him

The weight

If you mainly transport your baby in a stroller, the weight is less important because you can hook the bag to the stroller. If you are carrying your baby in a sling, it is recommended to choose a lighter bag to protect your back.


The number of compartments is a decisive factor. Indeed, the more interior and exterior pockets a diaper bag has, the easier it is to organize your bag, so you will find what you are looking for in the blink of an eye! Choose a bag with quick-access and easy-to-reach exterior pockets that fit different sizes of accessories . Such as the bottle holder, the smart wipes pouch, the bottle holder or even mom's smartphone pocket.

These storage spaces are very important, they allow the bag to be well organized and prove to be a real time saver when changing babies. They make it easy to carry mom's bottles, snacks, sippy cups and water bottles.

The presence of a parent compartment is very useful. Thus, you can slip your phone into a specific pocket, attach your keys to a carabiner, and carry a book or a laptop.

Opening the bag

The opening of the bag must be large enough and access to each compartment must be quick.

The characteristics of the bag

A few options on the diaper bag can also make your daily life easier. Accessories such as pacifier clips, bottle holders, insulated pockets, to keep baby's meals at temperature. And even the waterproof compartments for wet clothes are real extras!
Finally, don't forget to check that the bag attaches easily to your stroller and that the material of the bag is easy to clean.

A worked design

Originally, the diaper bag was just a large bag in which you could put all your baby's things. For young mothers, it was an accessory that took away all the glamour. Thus the bag was found regularly on the shoulder of the father.

Today, diaper bags come in a variety of designs , materials, and colors . Let's not forget that it will be mom's new handbag for the next three years. You can find diaper bags in beige , navy blue, black, pink or with liberty print .

For fashionable mums , there are sober and trendy diaper bags : Navy blue, mottled grey, beige, printed or striped, there is something for everyone. Thus, once your children have grown up, the diaper bag can be converted into a weekend bag.

Additional accessories

The vast majority of brands offer additional accessories included in your diaper backpack.

For example, some models of diaper bags have a built-in stroller attachment system, while others come with special hooks . This makes it easier for you to access the things inside the bag when you are walking around, and not to bear the weight load of the bag.

Another essential accessory during your outings: the changing mat . This accessory is not always included in the diaper bag. Some models are sold with, others must be purchased separately. It's up to you to determine the need for a changing mat based on your habits and the use you will make of it.
Finally you can find other accessories such as:

  • A wipe dispenser
  • An insulated bottle holder
  • A pouch for the pacifier
  • Waterproof bags to isolate used nappies

So choose your bag and its accessories according to your needs.

A reasonable price

Finding a good quality diaper bag is not complicated. You can find them online, especially at the specialist

Generally, you can find models with prices ranging from 20 euros to 200 euros. If 20 euros is an affordable price, 200 euros seems too excessive for a diaper bag.

Still, it's a decent price if you compare it to bags from major leather goods brands.
We then find ourselves faced with a product that combines the useful with the pleasant, which makes it possible to rationalize the price.

Our selection of diaper bags:

The Théâtre crossbody diaper bag:

Are you looking for a chic and trendy quilted bag? Yes, as a parent, you have the right to wear a practical diaper bag but above all with a worked design, which will fit perfectly with your outfits. This article by Charly and Charlotte is elegant and at the same time sober, a real master key.
It is mainly a shoulder bag, but can be converted into a backpack thanks to its adaptable shoulder strap. In this way, carrying the bag will be easier and you will be able to benefit from the hands-free function, which is very practical when you are a parent.

The Theater changing bag has 7 compartments . Inside, two pockets and two large compartments can accommodate your child's diapers, clothes, potties and other belongings. Outside 3 storage spaces, including two bottle holders. The Theater diaper bag has two handles and an adjustable shoulder strap, which can be adjusted to carry the bag as a backpack.

Equipped with an anti-dirt and humidity Nylon fabric, the bag is water resistant , making it particularly easy to maintain. Something to keep baby's things safe.

The Regatta changing bag with handles:

If you opt for a handbag-style diaper bag, the Regatta model is for you. Modern and trendy, this bag looks like a shopper style bag. In addition, the bag has an adjustable shoulder strap and two handles, which can be worn over the shoulder. You can thus carry the bag as a handbag, and or carry it on the shoulder, thanks to its removable shoulder strap.

Inside the bag , 2 large compartments separated by a separate zipped pocket, two pockets, and a zipped pocket. Outside , on the front, two zippered storage compartments. On the back of the bag, a large flat pocket, ideal for slipping baby's tracking book. On the sides , two zipped pockets . The bag is made from Nylon, a robust and waterproof fabric, two essential qualities for its durability over time.

ABSOLUTELY MODERN: Fashion-conscious moms will find what they're looking for with this sleek and chic bag.

Old School Backpack Diaper Bag

Do you like to go out for a walk or take your baby shopping? The backpack changing bag is for you.
This bag format has the advantage of being spacious, and of being able to carry a large quantity of belongings. With dimensions of 46 x 27 x 15 cm and a capacity of 25 L, you have all the space you need to transport your newborn's belongings, as well as your own.
This model has a complete organization thanks to its 13 compartments, its two thermal pockets, its independent insulated bottle holder and especially its USB port, which allows you to connect a bottle warmer or your smartphone anywhere.

In addition, it is a very robust product designed for intensive use. It is made of very resistant Oxford fabric, the zipper itself is very strong, supporting multiple daily closings and openings. Its reinforced and padded shoulder straps guarantee optimal comfort.

Finally, beyond looking like a simple backpack, its worked design with a vintage look will appeal to retro lovers.

Diaper bag Abeline

In general we always want to have sober and versatile accessories. But if you're a fan of feminine style, add some color to your life as a mom! Discover the Abeline bag, in a soft, spring color.

This handbag-like childcare article will make your daily life easier, indeed will be delivered with the bag:

- A changing mat

- A shoulder strap with a worked design

- Two stroller attachments, to take full advantage of walks without hindrance.

- A waterproof cleanliness bag, to isolate soiled belongings or used nappies from the rest of the belongings.

Changing bag bed Cloudy

Your baby needs more sleep than you: Before 12 months, your baby sleeps most of the time. No matter where you are or what you are doing, you must provide him with a bed day and night. If you are parents who regularly visit family or friends, consider bringing a changing bag that can be converted into a bed, so you don't have to bother with a changing bag and a travel cot. The bed changing bag will be your ally both when traveling with your family and on vacation.

Compact and handy, the Cloudy diaper bag turns into a cozy nest for your baby in 20 seconds. Easy to unfold and fold, it will follow you throughout the day. The perfect storage bag for your baby!

Thanks to this type of diaper bag, your baby can rest at any time. The bed can also be used as a changing mat, changing baby anywhere and cleanly will become child's play.

The Cloudy backpack changing bag has a fold-out bed and 12 compartments designed to make everyday life easier for young parents.

Inside the bag, four large elasticated pockets perfect for storing diapers and clothes. And two zippered pockets. On the outside, on the front, three isothermal compartments designed to keep baby bottles or small jars at temperature for up to three hours. On the sides, an elasticated bottle holder and a quick-access smart wipes pocket . On the back, the portable fold-out bed with zipper . As well as a flat pocket.

The bag is available in three colours, grey, sage green and black.

The Gribouille large-capacity diaper bag

The large changing bag is very practical, its capacity is a real advantage compared to more compact models. All of baby's and mum's essentials fit amply into the compartments. It generally falls into the category of all-purpose bags, since its size allows it to be used as a sports or weekend bag.

There are a variety of diaper bags available on the internet. If you are looking for a reasonably priced diaper bag with a chic and elegant design, then the Gribouille large capacity diaper bag will be perfect for you! Despite its capacity of 27 x 48 x 18 cm, this product remains one of the cheapest in its category.

A real guarantee of large capacity , the Gribouille bag can hold your belongings of several pieces of cabbage. Six large storage spaces can accommodate nappies, clothes, lotions and jars. On the outside you will find two pockets, one of which can house the baby's tracking book.

Equipped with an anti-dirt and humidity canvas, the Gribouille bag is resistant to water and dirt, which makes it particularly easy to maintain . Enough to keep baby's things clean and dry.

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