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Comment réaliser un sac à langer pour poupée ?

How to make a diaper bag for a doll?

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Very young, children like to imitate the gestures and actions of their parents . By reproducing the gestures and reactions of their models, toddlers project themselves into the future and acquire motor and social skills essential to their development.

From the age of 3, the child will be interested in imitation games . In particular, the kitchenettes, the doctor's or veterinarian's kit, the DIY workbench, the baby doll and its childcare equipment...

We then share our doll changing bag tutorial with you.


Necessary material :

- 3 sheets of felt dimensions 30cm x 45cm, 3mm thick

- 30 cm of printed fabric

- 40 cm of ribbon width 3cm

- Flat elastic, cotton

- 1mm fine felt for the flowers

- Two colored buttons

Step 1: The body of the bag

Cut two pieces of fabric measuring 15cm x 38cm. Make a slide at the upper edge to pass an elastic. Sew the bottom of the pockets 18 cm from the upper edge of the felt, making 4 pleats of 1 cm placed at 1 cm, 14 cm, 16 cm and 29 cm.

Fold the fabric over and sew in the middle and on the sides. Thread a rubber band through the upper channel.

How to make a diaper bag for a doll?

Step 2: The elastic

Sew a 16cm flat elastic at mid-height with 3 fixing points (middle and edge).

Step 3: The Ribbon

Sew the ribbon that will serve as a handle on the flap, leaving 27 cm on one side and 15 cm on the other. At the handle, fold the ribbon and secure it with a seam.

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Step 4: Bag body assembly

Attach the different elements, starting by sewing the long sides with the bottom, then the long sides with the short sides. Finish by sewing the short sides with the bottom.


Step 5: Finishing the flap

Cut two pieces of thin felt in the shape of a flower. Then sew them on the right side of the flap.

Cut a 30cm x 45cm piece of printed fabric, and sew it to the back of the flap.

Sew 1.5cm from the edges of the flap.

Create the buttonholes in the flowers, they must be parallel to the edge of the felt.

Step 6: Flap and body assembly of the bag

Embroider the bottom of the colored felt with a blanket stitch with a cotton thread. Also embroider a small side of the flap, with blanket stitch .

Crochet in each of the scallop stitches, single crochets . Bring the two parts together using slip stitches.

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This tutorial How to make a diaper bag for a doll? is now finished. We hope it has you more. Do not hesitate to let us know in the comments.

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