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Comment préparer son sac à langer pour partir en promenade avec bébé ?

How to prepare your diaper bag to go for a walk with baby?

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For young parents , it is sometimes difficult to get organized before going on vacation or before going for a walk with baby. It is important not to forget anything and to gather everything in a single diaper bag: your toiletry bag, your baby bottle and jars, your toys, your spare things . From birth to 3 years of your baby, the changing bag will accompany you throughout your outings.

It will become mom's new handbag , so one wonders which one is good to choose ?


How to choose the right diaper bag?

Choosing the right diaper bag is crucial. Make sure it's not too small , because you'll be limited very quickly. It is important that your diaper bag has several compartments so that you can organize and find yourself. Finally, choose a durable and sturdy maternity bag because it will follow you for many years.

When to prepare your diaper bag?

We recommend having a diaper bag always ready to go . To do this, every time you get home, have the reflex to reload it: new nappies, new spare clothes, clean nappies, cottons , liniment... You will thus be organized at the time of departure.

Obviously, you will have to adapt the contents of your diaper bag according to the planned outing , the baby's age and the weather . For example, in summer , we think of taking a parasol, a hat , sunglasses, sunscreen ... While in winter we opt for a warm blanket, a hat , a scarf and gloves .

How to prepare your diaper bag to go for a walk with baby?

The essential things to put in the diaper bag


To keep your baby clean and dry, don't forget to take all the necessary toiletries:

- Number of layers: It takes about one lying down every two hours, plus one, in the event of any accidents.

- Of the cottons organic with liniment , or wipes to wash baby during the change

- Of the ointment to relieve any irritation

- Physiological serum . A veritable essential in the toilet bag, it is used to clean baby's eyes and nose in the event of a mild cold, since at this age, newborns do not know how to blow their nose.

- A spare clothing , essential in particular in the event of overflowing. It is better to plan too much than not enough

- A diaper or changing mat , to change baby properly, and thus protect him from external dirt .

- waterproof bags may contain the used diapers and potential stained clothes

For mom one spare top if bout'chou regurgitates during the burp

Finally, wipes and hydroalcoholic gel to clean / disinfect your hands.

How to prepare your diaper bag to go for a walk with baby?


All walks involve bringing the baby meals , two solutions are then available to you depending on the feeding mode adopted:

If you are breastfeeding: All you need is one bib and possibly a diaper to cover you.

Otherwise, plan:

A bottle containing the quantity of water necessary to make the drink.

- From powdered milk proportioned beforehand in dosing boxes, in order to avoid you having to take the box of milk, which is very cumbersome in the changing bag

- A nomadic bottle warmer that you can plug directly into your smartphone

- A yoghurt drink, a compote or a fruit for toddlers

Finally, a bib and a small diaper to wipe your child's face



To entertain and occupy your baby, it is essential to think about taking some toys . Choose from his favorite, less bulky toys. We share with you below a list of possible toys to take away:

- An activity caterpillar to hang on the handlebar of the stroller

- A multi-activity rattle

- Awakening wrists

- A sensory awakening book

- A teething ring

- Sophie the Giraffe

Don't forget your little one's important companion: Doudou , at the risk of regretting it. It reassures and soothes your baby during the walk. If your newborn is particularly fond of a pacifier , plan to take it in your bag as well.

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Consider taking some medicines , dressings, compresses and disinfectants in the event of a fall or injury.

In summer, to protect from the sun:

- Of the Solar cream

- A cap

- Sun glasses

- A umbrella for stroller

- A mist to refresh baby

In winter, we expect:

- Beanie

- Scarf

- Plaid Soft

- A stroller rain cover

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Don't forget the logbook to transcribe in detail the food of your newborn , his moments of sleep, his moments of awakening. But also his mood, his stools and pee. As well as his health record , which, in an emergency, will prove essential.

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You are now ready for you walking with baby , We hope this article Walking with baby: what to put in the diaper bag? has you more. Do not hesitate to let us know in the comments.

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