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Comment choisir son sac à langer ?

How to choose your diaper bag?

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Practical and functional, the diaper bag is an essential accessory for transporting baby's things. It will serve you from birth to the first years of your child. A true everyday ally, it must be chosen with care to combine practicality, functionality and durability. Follow our advice to find the perfect diaper bag!

You won't miss it, the range of diaper bags is huge. It is therefore not always easy to find your own path. Your lifestyle, your needs and your style will help you choose the model that's right for you.

The different types of bag

- Backpack diaper bags

Backpack models allow you to keep your hands free when walking in the park or on vacation. So you can carry baby, pick up a fallen toy, answer the phone. You feel lighter and more able to take care of your little one. This is the ideal diaper bag for active and sporty mums. Very practical, the backpack changing bag has plenty of storage. It is ideal for everyday wear or for the weekend. Especially since there are mixed models, which are suitable for both dad and mom.

- Changing bags with shoulder straps

Unisex, modern and practical, the crossbody diaper bag is the most common style of bag and the most loved by parents. It can be carried on the shoulder or hung on a stroller using adjustable clips. Diaper bags with shoulder straps generally have a large storage capacity. This allows childcare equipment to fit amply into the bag, such as the baby fly, the sling, the bottle warmer. Multiple interior and exterior compartments are designed for optimal organization of all baby items.

- Diaper bags with handles

You do not want to clutter yourself with several bags? The changing bag with handles is made for you! Designed to look like a handbag, the changing bag with handles is available in a variety of materials, colors and patterns, this model with chic and clean lines has a rather urban look that will delight stylish mums! Dads can rest assured they can also choose their own styles of diaper bags from the sporty collection.

- Bed changing bags

Changing bags are bags specially designed to carry baby's essentials during trips or family outings. Its main advantage: it can be transformed into a bed at any time, providing great comfort for your child.
This diaper bag is very useful and will make your travels easier day and night. Thanks to its 2-in-1 function, it will save you having to carry the travel cot!

- Diaper bags for twins

If you have twins , know that there are special large changing bags for twins, very practical and above all useful for all your trips with two children . This XL or even XXL diaper bag is sized so that you can take everything you need on a walk, or on a trip with your toddlers.
 Some twin diaper bags have pushchair attachments, such as the large Little Prince diaper bag from The bag comes with two stroller harnesses , in order to avoid the bulk imposed by the size of the bag.

How to choose your diaper bag?


Choose a bag that's big enough and has enough pockets to hold all the baby essentials you need on the go. To know :

- Toiletries: nappies, wipes, cottons, nappies

- A plastic bag for used diapers and soiled clothes;

- Meals: baby bottles, jars, bibs

- Spare clothes

- His cuddly toy and pacifier

- Some of his favorite toys to distract him

The weight

If you mainly transport your baby in a stroller, the weight is less important because you can hook the bag to the stroller. If you are carrying your baby in a sling, it is recommended to choose a lighter bag to protect your back.


The number of compartments is a decisive factor. Indeed, the more interior and exterior pockets a diaper bag has, the easier it is to organize your bag, so you will find what you are looking for in the blink of an eye!
The presence of a parent compartment is very useful. Thus, you can slip your phone into a specific pocket, attach your keys to a carabiner, and carry a book or a laptop.

Opening the bag

The opening of the bag must be large enough and access to each compartment must be quick.

The characteristics of the bag

A few options on the diaper bag can also make your daily life easier. Accessories like pacifier clips, bottle holders, cooler pockets and even waterproof compartments for wet clothes are real extras!
Finally, don't forget to check that the bag attaches easily to your stroller and that the material of the bag is easy to clean.

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