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Comment accrocher un sac à langer sur une poussette ?

How to hang a diaper bag on a stroller?

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A true essential daily accessory for young parents, the changing bag will accompany you during all your outings with your child. In addition to being handy, practical and easy to transport, it must be able to follow you everywhere, in all weathers and whatever your means of transport...

Indeed, some models of diaper bags have a hooking system that attaches to the handlebars of the stroller. These diaper bags guarantee you a minimal bulk for an optimal use of your bag and the accessories which are there, including during your walks.


What is a stroller tether?

The stroller changing bag can be attached to the handle of your stroller in different ways:

- Some models of diaper bags have a removable hook allowing them to be attached to the handlebars of your stroller

- Other bags contain a traditional handle and straps that can fit the handle of a stroller.

Note that not all bags will fit or be compatible with a stroller handlebar. If you want to clip it to your handlebars , you'll probably need the stroller-specific " Bag Clip ".

Why bring stroller hooks?

Attaching your diaper bag to the handlebar of the stroller avoids cluttering the basket or the net of accessories of your stroller.

The stroller clips for diaper bags are adaptable to all types of stroller thanks to their two Velcro straps . Beyond being able to carry your diaper bag, you can also hang any bag , whether it's your handbag, for your shopping or other purchases.

How to hang a diaper bag on a stroller?

Note, however, that these stroller attachments can support up to 5 kg per unit. This load is quite sufficient if you hang your changing bag, but you will need more robust equipment or two hooks (for a total weight of 10kg ) if you want to take several bags at the same time.

Bag carabiners are tunable with any stroller handlebar. This is a carabiner that will allow you to attach all types of bags or your changing bag up to a total weight of 250 kg . However, if you put too much weight on the handlebars, be careful not to tip your stroller over.

In addition, this very functional accessory comes with foam to protect your handlebars but above all for a pleasant touch . Another advantage is that it closes completely so your diaper bag or other luggage cannot fall out.

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Our selection of diaper bags with stroller clips

Charly and Charlotte's Old School Backpack Diaper Bag

Easy to carry, the changing backpack has a handle and two adjustable shoulder straps. Take advantage of the hands-free function thanks to the stroller clips supplied with the bag.

The Old School backpack changing bag has 10 compartments designed to make everyday life easier for young parents. Inside, a large compartment and 3 pockets can accommodate your child's nappies, clothes and potties. 5 compartments on the outside , including a zipped insulated bottle pocket, a bottle holder and a smart wipe pocket.



Changing bag Capucine by Charly and Charlotte

The backpack diaper bag has 9 compartments . Inside the bag , two large compartments, two elasticated pockets and a zippered pocket . Outside , on the front, two storage spaces. On the sides , two elasticated bottle holders . Included : a stroller organizer and four straps. A stroller organizer comes with the bag, so you can take baby's essentials on your walks.

Two adjustable straps with fastening clips are supplied with the bag.



Whether the stroller hooks are integrated into the changing bag, or whether you opt for the addition of a universal stroller clip, you won't be able to do without it once you've tried it.

Remember: For a diaper bag to be useful, it must be suitable for the purpose for which you are going to use it.
If you have twins , know that there are special large changing bags for twins, very practical and above all useful for all your trips with two children . This XL or even XXL diaper bag is sized so that you can take everything you need on a walk, or on a trip with your toddlers.
Some twin diaper bags have pushchair attachments, such as the large Little Prince diaper bag from The bag comes with two stroller harnesses ,in order to avoid the bulk imposed by the size of the bag.
In any case, remember to equip your walking stick or double stroller with a handlebar hook, you won't regret it, because this inexpensive and very practical little accessory will make your stroller rides with your infant easier.
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